Environmental impacts from generating, storing, transporting and disposing of solid waste generated in oil and gas operations should be minimized to a reasonable extent. Therefore, under our health, environment, safety and security (HES&S) management system, DEKAGONE LIMITED assets develop programs for waste minimization, recycling, reuse and reclamation based on specific needs. Individual operations monitor their waste disposal activities.

Consistent with this waste management philosophy and as part of DEKAGONE LIMITED’s commitment to continuous improvement, we have implemented additional waste management program requirements to:

  • Encompass local conditions and operational needs;
  • Comply with applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Systematically identify, evaluate and implement waste minimization opportunities when practicable;
  • Dispose of DEKAGONE LIMITED waste responsibly;
  • Select, evaluate and pre-approve waste management vendors based on HES&S programs and past performance;
  • Improve tracking and reporting of waste data and waste management efforts, to monitor our performance in achieving material reductions in the amount of waste generated from DEKAGONE LIMITED