At DEKAGONE LIMITED, safety is a core value. Personal and process safety is integral to our business success, and the company works diligently to achieve an incident-free workplace. We focus on continuously improving our programs to effectively manage the risks associated with personal and process safety. Our personal safety efforts focus on eliminating workplace hazards that can lead to injuries. Our process safety efforts focus on preventing unintentional hydrocarbon releases.

To reinforce our commitment to safety, we communicate clear expectations, analyze and manage risk, encourage reporting of incidents and near misses, investigate incidents and take corrective actions. To prevent accidents and injuries, the company encourages sharing safety insights and issues in daily, weekly, monthly and corporate-wide quarterly employee meetings in field and office locations.

Company safety standards clarify our expectations for organizational performance to drive consistency across our operations. We provide safety training to promote individual responsibility for personal and process safety, safety leadership, specific high-risk tasks, hazard identification and emergency preparedness, as well as to meet regulatory requirements.

Our Contractor Management Standard establishes processes to ensure that contractors are aware of our safety expectations and that their capability to meet them is verified before starting work. All elements of our standard are consistent with industry recognized good practices for contractor safety management and include pre-qualification, selection, pre-job activities, performance evaluation and the waiver/exemption process.