At DEKAGONE LIMITED, safety is a core value. Personal and process safety is integral to our business success, and the company works diligently


DEKAGONE LIMITED collaborates with community leaders where we operate to recognize and advance public health

Spill Prevention

DEKAGONE LIMITED’s focus is on preventing spills from occurring, we strive to prevent any incidents

Air Emissions Management

DEKAGONE LIMITED recognizes the global concern about the potential impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) and other air emissions on the environment.

Waste Management

DEKAGONE LIMITED assets develop programs for waste minimization, recycling, reuse and reclamation based on specific needs.

Local Content

Many industrial states are introducing requirements for ‘local content’ into their regulatory frameworks.

Policies, Beliefs and Expectations

DEKAGONE LIMITED recognizes that the ability to do business in any community is a privilege.

Environmental Stewardship

DEKAGONE LIMITED has a longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship.

Social Commitment

DEKAGONE LIMITED recognizes that operating in communities and countries is a privilege.


DEKAGONE LIMITED’s ability to maintain a safe and competent workforce directly impacts our ability to operate with excellence around the world.